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Hybrid Flooring

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High-quality Hybrid products from 12 collections & 152 colours - Available today throughout Melbourne and Victoria.



Hybrid Flooring

What is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid flooring first originated as a method to combine the benefits of Vinyl and Laminate floors. Well suited to both homes and businesses, this water-resistant flooring generally consists of multiple layers that are carefully moulded together. Hybrid floors are not only easy to install and maintain, but also deliver excellent ongoing durability for a fraction of the price.

For a detailed rundown of hybrid flooring benefits and maintenance, feel free to visit the Floorset Blog.

Affordable Hybrid Flooring For Melbourne Homes

Affordable Hybrid Flooring for Melbourne Homes

Well suited to living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, hybrid flooring has quickly become a go to solution for residential flooring. Beyond the affordability factor, hybrids are renowned for their ability to retain their finish over time. Even after exposure to foot traffic, moisture and heat, these vinyl/laminate floors deliver consistent performance and appearance.

For access to Floorset’s range of hybrid flooring in Melbourne, simply browse online or stop by our showroom in Malvern Rd, Prahran. We stock over 150 unique variations for sale. Beyond supply, the mobile Floorset team can also carry out detailed measurements and installation.

Add Hybrid Flooring To Your Melbourne Business

Add Hybrid Flooring to Your Melbourne Business

As a business, the state of your flooring is more important than you think. Worn down, stained or stretched flooring will not only reflect a negative image to customers, but also affect day-to-day comfort for your employees.

When the time comes to revamp your commercial property, hybrid flooring is a first-class affordable option. Hybrids combine the best aspects of laminate and vinyl to create a hard-wearing surface that won’t degrade over time, particularly when installed by experienced contractors.

Floorset’s range features a wide variety of styles, colours, finishes and levels of thickness. For access to commercial hybrid flooring in Melbourne, simply order online, visit the showroom or call 1300 707 366 to speak to an expert.

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Need help with your hybrid flooring? Our Melbourne wide installation is carried out by fully qualified contractors who deliver on time and on budget.

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