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At Floorset, we deliver professional floor sanding and polishing services throughout Canterbury and surrounding suburbs. With our broad array of services, our team of experts ensures your flooring looks stunning and stays in top condition for years to come. As a trusted partner in the flooring industry, we’re committed to providing customer-centric solutions aptly tailored to meet your needs. Including Melbourne, Burwood, and Clayton, we are proud to serve diverse locations with impeccable services.

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The Floorset Group supply and install premium flooring throughout Melbourne. Get a quote for installation near you!

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Floor sanding is a fantastic way to revive the quality and shine of your worn-out floors. Whether hardwood or solid timber, we have the expertise to handle it all effectively. Equipped with modern tools and technology, our skilled team can seamlessly rectify any imperfections on your floor, making it appear brand new. We serve Canterbury residents and businesses, ensuring their floors capture the eye and leave an unforgettable impression on every visitor.

For those based in Melbourne or nearby suburbs, you need not worry about having dull, aged flooring. We offer our professional floor sanding services in Melbourne, too. We’re just a call away from transforming your space with our top-notch floor sanding services.

The floor sanding and polishing process, however, does require proper knowledge and the right set of tools. Without these, it risks damaging your floors further or reducing the overall look of your space. But here at Floorset, we take care of all your floor sanding needs in Canterbury expertly.


Polishing your floor is the next vital step after sanding, and this too requires expertise. Whether you need floor polishing services in Canterbury or any other nearby suburbs such as Burwood or Clayton, look no further than Floorset.

With time, your floor might lose its shine and look dull. But with our exceptional floor polishing services in Canterbury, we can restore its lustre. Your floor will look better than ever before, effortlessly matching your decor and adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Our floor polishing process is carried out systematically, ensuring it doesn’t miss a single spot. Our team uses high-quality material that leaves a long-lasting shine on your floors. Therefore, whether you’re from Canterbury or the surrounding suburbs of Burwood or Clayton, you can trust us for excellent floor polishing services.


At Floorset, we understand the vital role your floors play in the overall aesthetics of your property. It is often the first thing that people notice when they enter your home or office. Hence, it is crucial to keep them in the best possible condition. With our commendable floor sanding and polishing services in Canterbury, we promise you:

  • Top-quality service: Our team takes pride in delivering high-quality, reliable floor sanding and polishing services across different locations such as Canterbury, Melbourne, Burwood, and Clayton.
  • Expert advice: With years of experience in the industry, our experts offer invaluable advice to maintain your floor after our service.
  • Great customer service: We arrive on time, respect your property, and leave no stone unturned to satisfy our customers.
  • Excellent resources: Using high-grade machinery and eco-friendly products, we ensure your floors are not just beautiful but also safe.


Transform your dull, worn-out floors into fresh and shiny surfaces with our exemplary floor sanding and polishing services in Canterbury. A well-maintained floor can dramatically increase the value and visual appeal of your property.

Apart from enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal, professionally sanded and polished floors are easier to clean and maintain, especially in high-traffic areas. Therefore, by opting for our floor sanding and polishing services in Canterbury, you’re making a smart investment for your property.

Our services also extend beyond Canterbury to locations like Melbourne, Burwood, and Clayton, making us a favoured choice for floor sanding and polishing in the region.


Whether you need to revamp your home or office floors or prepare your property for market, Floorset has all your floor sanding and polishing needs covered in Canterbury and beyond. Using the latest technology and expert know-how, our team is poised to bring your flooring back to its original lustre.

Drop us a call at 0408 888 574 or visit our showroom based in Prahran to see how we can help you with your flooring needs in Canterbury, including expert advice on choosing the right product for after-service care queries. Together, let’s make your vision a reality!


Caring for your newly sanded and polished floors involves a little more than just regular cleaning. Here are a few tips to preserve the shine of your floor:

  • Never drag furniture across your polished floors. It may cause scratches and damage to your floor surface.
  • Use mats or rugs at doorways. This will help to prevent dirt and grit from scratching your floor.
  • Use floor protectors underneath your furniture to prevent damage to your polished floors.
  • For regular maintenance, clean the floor with a microfiber mop or vacuum and finish with a damp cloth.

Timely and proper care for your sanded and polished floor can extend its life and keep it looking new for longer! Don’t forget, our team is ready to assist you with top-quality floor sanding and polishing services in Canterbury, Melbourne, Burwood, Clayton, and more. Give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions for Floor Sanding and Polishing in Canterbury

What exactly is floor sanding and polishing in Canterbury?

Floor sanding and polishing in Canterbury is a process carried out by Floorset to restore the quality and shine of worn-out floors. With our well-equipped team and modern tools, we aim to bring perfection to your floors by rectifying any imperfections and making them look brand new.

What type of floors do you handle for sanding and polishing in Canterbury?

At Floorset, we can handle various types of flooring, including hardwood and solid timber. Whether residential or commercial properties, we’re equipped to deliver high-quality floor sanding and polishing services in Canterbury.

Do you provide floor sanding and polishing services outside Canterbury?

Yes, our floor sanding and polishing services extend beyond Canterbury. We also serve in Melbourne, Burwood, and Clayton, ensuring a broad reach for our customers.

How can your floor sanding and polishing service add value to my property in Canterbury?

Our floor sanding and polishing service in Canterbury can dramatically increase your property’s value and visual appeal. A well-maintained floor enhances the aesthetics of your home and is easier to clean and maintain.

How do I take care of my sanded and polished floors in Canterbury?

Take care of your sanded and polished floors by avoiding dragging furniture across them, using mats or rugs at doorways, using floor protectors under your furniture, and carrying out regular cleaning. For detailed care instructions, you can always reach out to Floorset, your trusted partner for floor sanding and polishing in Canterbury.

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    Professional, friendly and honest. I can't recommend Floorset highly enough. Very easy to communicate with, ensuring a perfect outcome that was exactly what we wanted.

    Jacki Laszczyk
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