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What is Padauk wood flooring

What Is Padauk Wood Flooring

What is Padauk?

Padauk wood is produced from several species in tropical rainforests in Central and West Africa, which have similar characteristics. The heart of the tree boasts of its orange color; orange that turns to red and even violet. The texture of the wood is smooth and there are few contrasting stripes. These woods have a rough, oily and rather heavy structure.

Applications of Padauk flooring

For centuries Padauk has been proud of its beauty, reliability, scratch resistance and natural pest resistance. The uncoated version of this wood has a pungent smell. This wood is used in the production of decorative veneers and panels, cabinets, furniture and in carpentry, joinery, woodcarving and sculpture. We can also see the presence of this wood in the construction of handles, boat hulls, agricultural equipment, floors, billiard tables and in the finishing.

What Is Padauk Wood Flooring


The Janka number is the amount of force required to insert a 44.4 inch steel ball into a 2 by 2 by 6 inch piece of wood that reflects the hard surface of the wood. Padauk Janka number is 1725, so the wood is fully durable and erosion resistant. In Italy Padauks are used in the flooring and wood carving industry. This wood is produced in the form of solid wood floors or parquet. During the lifetime of a Padauk floor you can renew the covering seven times. First-class parquet floors can finally be polished five times. A first-class factory floor is about the same or slightly more expensive than a solid wood floor, but unlike solid wood it can be used in wet areas and basements. Inferior parquet floors cannot be repolished, but can be finished with polishing oil. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the specific specifications of the floor of your choice.


Working with a Padauk is moderately difficult and you should work carefully with a carbide tool so that the cut parts do not become dull and opaque. Its extract is oily and can cause skin inflammation or respiratory allergies. This wood is beautiful and needs no paint. Avoid oil paints, because the natural oil in the wood prevents it from drying out. It is recommended to pre-drill the wood, but the nail holds well. The Padauk floor can be laid with nails, double nails, glue or floating.

Where to use padauk flooring?

The dramatic beauty and exceptional reliability of Padauk make it an ideal flooring for any room, but avoid laying Padauk in wet environments such as bathrooms. This wood is static in heavily used areas and its resistance to scratches and rot is higher than most woods. If you want to maintain the beauty of the floor for years, place the pad under the furniture base. In high traffic areas, spread the edges and cut the pet’s nails.

Care and cleaning

The protection of a modified Padauk is simple. Too much water will cause stains and damage the beautiful floor covering of your home. So if liquid is spilled on the floor, wipe it off immediately. Padauk is easy to clean. It is sufficient to vacuum or hoover regularly and sometimes soak a teaspoon in a solution of water and white vinegar.

Enviromental issues

Worried about choosing a green floor? If attention is paid to planting and pruning methods, any wooden floor can be a green product. The durability of a wooden floor alone can be a reason for the reliability of this resource and can be recycled and reused after years and even centuries. However, Padauk grows in tropical forests, so make sure that this wood comes from areas where tropical forests are not endangered and that it is the product of a licensed forestry.

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