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What is hybrid flooring and Should you buy it?

What Is Hybrid Flooring And Should You Buy It

Hybrid floors are exactly what it sounds like. It is the modern innovation in the flooring industry that combines the strengths of laminate and vinyl flooring. Not only is it simply water-resistant and robust, it also offers a neat, hardwood-like appearance. This modern product is usually made from a few layers of substances that are pressed together to create a rigid, floating floor covering that can be laid anywhere in the house.

At the same time as buying vinyl flooring you can also see new vinyl, WPC vinyl and SPC vinyl, but there may also be a brand new entry into the vinyl market known as hybrid vinyl flooring. As you could see from the identification, hybrid vinyl flooring is a type of vinyl that is fused to another fabric. Hybrid vinyl flooring has been developed to combine the excellent properties of vinyl and laminate to provide you with the final solution for any flooring for any project.

What Is Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring Layers

Business Grade wear Layer – the wear layer on hybrid vinyl floor coverings consists of the identical aluminum oxide finish as a laminate. This applied layer combines the identical dent, stain, UV and scratch resistance that makes laminate so popular with buyers. Most hybrid floors can be provided with a AC rating, as opposed to a known mil vinyl overlay layer.

Layout layer – The layout layer can have the same meaningful textures and styles as a laminate. You can get a real wood look with a hand-scraped texture or a stone look slate finish.

Waterproof core – A hybrid vinyl floor can have an inflexible core that gives the floor extra balance and dimension.

Bonded cork underlay – A bonded underlay may not be always included. An underlay that you bring along provides extra sound absorption and an inserted cushion.

Why should I buy Hybrid vinyl flooring

With a hybrid vinyl floor you get a superior floor that is waterproof and just as durable. Leading flooring manufacturers have developed these vinyl floorboards to eliminate the commonplace processes associated with everyday vinyl and laminate.

Waterproof: Hybrid vinyl boards are 100% water resistant and can be used in residential and industrial packaging. They can be installed above and below ground.

Durable: Hybrid vinyl boards function as an inflexible center with the top layer of a laminate. These features make the planks resistant to dents, scratches, stains and UV rays, giving you planks that can withstand pets, children and pedestrians.

Look: These boards are eye-catching with imaging technology, texture and edges that mimic the actual look and feel of traditional hardwoods without all the protection.

DIY set up: Hybrid floors have the same tongue-and-groove click-lock mechanism as laminate and vinyl. It is easy to set up with little DIY system.

Industrial projects: Hybrid vinyl floors are a first-class alternative for commercial premises. They no longer only have the water-resistant properties of vinyl, but also the durability, stain resistance and fade resistance of a laminate.

Comfortable: a hybrid vinyl floor covering can form a rigid core that is denser and thicker than conventional vinyl floor coverings. If you choose a hybrid floor with an attached underlay or an underlay under your hybrid floor, you may have an extra cushion and extra sound absorption.

Tone: With a laminate or hardwood you can have a hollow sound when you walk on your floor. With the inflexible center generation you may have a very solid step to your floor, which should produce little sound. If you decide to use a base, the sound could be very light!

Maintenance: Laminate and vinyl are both easy to clean and maintain. A hybrid floor is also the same! Ordinary sweeping, stain removal and weekly deep cleaning is all you need.

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