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What is Australian Species Engineered Timber?

What Is Australian Species Engineered Timber

Australian wood species floorboards come in a vast number of colours, patterns and hardness. This diversity and aesthetic charm make Australian engineered wood the best option for an endless variety of projects across the country.


Blackbutt is a versatile and strong Australian wood that is commercially grown for market. It has a straight grain that allows it to be easily stained or painted. Because natural variety within Blackbutt species timbers with different tones can be produced from the log; pink, yellow and brown hues are all on offer.

Spotted gum

Known to be strong and durable, spotted gum is a native Australian timber that offers a vibrant colour palette and eye-catching grain structure. It’s a wood species that tend not to be pained or stained, but this is not a disadvantage for timbers used in floorboards. Engineered spotted gum flooring is available in natural hues that range from white, through brown and all the way to deep red.

Victorian ash

It’s a species that takes its name from alpine ash and grows in the snowy area of Victoria. When used as a top layer for engineered planks Victorian ash gives the flooring colour ranging from pale pink to an almost walnut colour. The strength and stability of this planted species mean that timber planks are extremely workable and easy to install and fit.

Tasmanian oak

Tasmanian oak is different from American or European oak. In Australia, three species of eucalypt that are found in Tasmania are called Tasmanian oak. Like Victorian ash, Tasmania oak is workable and stable and lends itself to interior design works such as flooring and furniture. Timber planks made from Tasmanian oak are a light colour. They may vary from cream and pink all the way to reddish-brown.

Red ironbark

With a deep, dark redwood that when growing has a grey to black bark Red ironbark is the most distinct eucalypt in Australia. Timbers cut from Red ironbark offer structural strength and resistance to bushfires. The flooring planks are known for nice colour tones and patterning, they can create an appealing charm in the room.

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