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Let's answer your questions on Parquetry Flooring - Part 2

Lets Answer Your Questions On Parquetry Flooring Part 2

Is parquetry flooring good for the office or home?

When selecting the right flooring type for your home or office is you should consider factors such as traffic level, service life, maintenance, repair, ease of installation and cost. Well-known for low maintenance and durability you can use parquetry flooring in-home or office rooms. 

Parquetry flooring is available in a number of designs and patterns. So, no matter if it is an office or home, you can find a decorative pattern that fits best into your space and provide a unique look that sets it apart from other spaces.


Most Parquet tiles come in the form of prefinished in the factory. All you need to install them is to glue them on the subflooring. This makes installing parquetry flooring easy and DIY-friendly. 

On the other hand, unfinished hardwood should be sanded and finished on site. Sanding is usually a nasty and time-consuming process and leaves a lot of dust and dirt behind You cannot stay at home while the process is going on. Besides, finishing parquetry on site is a challenging task and the result is not always guaranteed. So, we seldom suggest buying unfinished parquet tiles.

Is Parquetry flooring easy to maintain?

When it comes to flooring maintenance, parquetry is one of the easiest flooring options to deal with. Follow these tips to make sure your investment in the parquetry flooring will remain in a good shape for many years:

Dry Mop the flooring with a microfiber or a wool dust mop every day. This will remove dust and lightweight crumbs.

Wipe drops and spills as soon as they occur with absorbent paper towels. 

Vacuum once a week. If required use an absorbent paper towel.

Clean the flooring once a month using product designed wood floors to make the flooring bright and lustrous. 

Never use a steam mop on the parquetry. The heat and moisture can damage the tiles or even swell the wood.

Use rugs on high traffic areas. This will protect the finish of your flooring.

Put felt protector under furniture to prevent scratches.

Can you refinish the Parquetry flooring?

If maintained properly your parquetry flooring will maintain its lustre for 10-15 years. This will make your flooring look dull especially in high-traffic areas. When the sign of wear appears, refinishing is an option but not the best option and the result is not always is satisfactory. 

Refinishing parquetry flooring is not an easy job because removing old finished always involves sanding. Following grain direction is a critical step in sanding to prevent cross-grain marks. Because parquetry flooring is made of small pieces laid in different directions sanding tiles without damaging tile surfaces is a challenging task and should be done with extreme care. 

Solid vs. Engineered Parquetry flooring

Solid parquetry is made of natural wood. It feels warm under feet but it will contract and expand with temperature and fluctuations. So, the flooring is always prone to cracks and creaks as the temperature or moisture of the room goes up and down.

On the other hand, engineered tiles are made of a combination of core and hardwood wood layers. The core layer comprises up to 12 plywood layers. This gives the flooring to withstand temperature and humidity more. So, the engineered parquetry is more suited to the region of the country with more temperature and humidity changes. In addition, you can install this type of flooring over underfloor heating or in underground rooms. With engineered parquetry, you have more freedom in choosing the dimensions and thickness of the flooring.

How much does parquet flooring cost?

The cost depends on the wood species used in the tiles, a few other factors but the parquet flooring will cost you $3 to $5 per square foot.  Professional installation of parquet tiles will raise the cost to around $7 to $10 per square foot. The cost of custom-made parquetry can go high as Professional installation of parquet tiles will raise the cost to around $7 to $10 per square foot.

No other flooring type can replace parquetry tiles in the terms of several styles they offer. That explains why parquetry flooring remains on the top of the popular floorings list from Versailles and the Grand Trianon to the modern buildings.  In this post, we’ve to explain everything you need to know about parquetry flooring. 

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