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How to Choose Laminate Flooring: A Buyer's Guide

How To Choose Laminate Flooring A Buyer's Guide

If you are thinking about remodelling your room or the entire space of your home, office or workplace and you are not sure whether this floor covering is the right choice for you or not, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of laminate flooring

Yes, laminate flooring is good and looks like wood, stone and ceramic. Laminate flooring is durable because it is scratch and stain resistant. What is more, this floor covering offers a wide range of choices depending on your budget. There are many reasons why laminate is suitable.

Laminate floors are durable: the laminate is strong, scratch-resistant and has a very durable surface. The laminate is protected by a hard layer and a rubber coating and is compatible with crowded and child-friendly environments. Generally use AC3 or higher for busy homes or busy commercial buildings.

Easy to install: Laminate is easier to install than other floor coverings because it is designed to allow the panels to be fixed together. The laminate can be installed floating on any floor and its installation time is shorter compared to floors that require glue and nails. More than two thirds of the laminate products have a glue-free fixing system, which saves you time and money. It is so easy to install that most people can do it themselves.

Floor foundation: This functional floor covering can be laid on any type of dry, clean and level substructure. This substructure can be made of concrete, wood, vinyl or ceramic. In cases where wooden flooring is not compatible with the floor substructure, laminate is a good choice.

An economical choice: the price of laminate is relatively lower than the price of other floor coverings on the market. Laminate itself offers its products in a variety of price ranges.

Wide Choice: There are many ways to make the laminate of your choice exactly the way you need it. If you are really busy, such as in a retail store or other workplace, you will have to pay more to buy a thick laminate with high AC. But if you want to cover the floor of your private living room; instead of paying too much for a thick, high AC floor, pay more attention to its appearance.

Wide range of models: Laminate is available in a variety of designs including wood, stone and ceramic. Each is also sold in different colors, side models, surfaces and thicknesses.

The guarantee: Most laminate floors have a guarantee against covering, rust and discoloration. Some manufacturers guarantee the top layer for years. Even some of these floors have a moisture guarantee for use in rooms such as the basement and kitchen; the bathroom is of course not included in the guarantee.

Easy to clean and maintain: The stain- and moisture-resistant surface of the laminate makes it easy to clean. No special cleaner is required to clean this floor. A daily cleaning is sufficient.

Environmental Awareness: According to the North American Laminate Flooring Institute, this product is made from sheet metal; No need for wood resources. Unlike carpets, laminate does not contain elements that affect the air and does not harm the environment if the floor is replaced.

Laminate is not allergic: because no particles are used in the construction of this flooring; They are not allergic. The water barrier substrate also prevents spores from spreading.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring

Disadvantages of laminate flooring

Not applicable anywhere. Laminate should not be used everywhere. for example, in environments where the amount of moisture is high.

Outdoors? No never. In the basement? Yes.

Do not install Laminate in bathrooms and laundry rooms or areas that may be completely wet.

Laminates are resistant to moisture but not waterproof. The coating layer of the laminate is well sealed, but if moisture enters the edges, the bottom layer, or its locking system; it can cause bloating, bloating and damage to your floor.

It looks like wood but not real wood. Laminate is not solid wood so it may sound under your feet and make you feel different. If you are looking for the true acoustic properties of wood; Laminate is not a good choice for you. Unless you choose a board with a thickness of 12 to 15 mm.

Where can we install laminate flooring?

Laminate is a practical flooring. A laminate flooring can be installed in any room of the house, above or below the floor, on wood or concrete. Most laminate manufacturers sell it as a product that can be installed anywhere.

It is even possible to install this floor without lining on the stairs. If you are looking for heating laminate flooring; you can order this from laminate manufacturers.

Do not install Laminate in bathrooms, laundry rooms, saunas, covered porches, balconies, and wherever possible with a wet environment.

How To Choose Laminate Flooring1

Maintenance of laminate flooring

Cleaning and caring for laminate flooring is an easy task. This flooring is resistant to scratches and brings beauty and radiance to wood. Without the need for regular waxes and financial oils. If you need to clean the laminate; A vacuum cleaner, dry floor, and wet towel are enough.

How to maintain Laminate flooring

Dirt and grime are the first enemies of laminate, which can lead to scratches on the floor. Scratches that give your floor an old-fashioned look. The best way to clean the laminate is to use water and ammonia or vinegar or any other glass cleaner. Sweep it first; Then spray the cleaner on the floor and then with a towel that has loops; Pull a handkerchief. Microfiber pads are also effective in removing all liquids from the floor. Also, follow the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning the product. Some of them produce special cleaners for their flooring.

Here are some tips to help keep the laminate the same as it was the first day:

Use a vacuum cleaner, sweeper, or a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris.

* Place a non-slip protector under the base of tables and chairs to prevent scratches.

* Spread a pad in front of the entrances to prevent dirty entry.

* Moisten the cleaner with warm water.

* Do not use floor wax and oil because it makes the floor more prone to dirt and footprints will remain on it.

Avoid soaps, polishing powders, and vegetable oils. as they will damage the decorative layer of the floor.

* Never sand the laminate flooring. Do not apply polishing varnish on it and avoid re-polishing it.

Specialized tips

Laminate flooring is a bit difficult to stain. Here are some tips:

To remove oil, paint, marker ink, and bitumen, apply a neutral cleanser to a light colored cloth. Alcohol or nail polish remover containing acetone is also helpful.

* Use warm water to clean blood, juice, and sauce. If necessary, you can use a neutral cleaner with a light-colored cloth.

* To remove wax or chewing gum, first put ice on it and then rub it. Then wipe it with warm water and colored cloth.

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