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FAQ about Engineered Flooring - Part 2

Faq About Engineered Flooring Part 2
Do I Need To Glue The Joints On My Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered flooring comes with tongues and grooves. All you need to install engineered flooring is to lock the planks through the click/lock system. This method is called the floating method and is deemed the best installation option for most space. It’s quick and hassle-free. The most obvious advantage of floating flooring is that don’t need to glue it down. In this way, you will get rid of glue smell and vapour as well as the time you have to wait until the dries.

However, if you want to install engineered flooring on certain subflooring you will need special glues designed for the specific subflooring. For example, if you’re going to install engineered wood on ceramic or concrete you have no solution other than using the glue to fix it on the subflooring.

How Do I Care For Engineered Wood Flooring?

Every flooring collects messes and needs regular care and maintenance, this applies to the engineered flooring too. Without proper maintenance, engineered flooring will show dust and dirt more than others. With no grooves or fibres to hide in, dirt and debris may become more obvious. It makes it easy to know when to clean your flooring and more important to clean and sweep the room in time.

The most crucial step in cleaning an engineered flooring is also the simplest; sweep the flooring regularly. A broom is the best tool to remove dust and debris from the surface. Use it at least once a month.

It’s also important to mop your flooring from time to time. Always make sure that your clothing is slightly damp, not wet. How often you mop the flooring depends on the activity of your home and how old the flooring is. You need to clean high-traffic rooms once a week while more relaxed surfaces need only cleaning once a month.

Even with regular cleaning routine dust and germ can hide deep in your flooring. So you should deep clean the flooring to ensure that it remains in the best shape. There are a few products that are designed for deep cleaning of wooden planks. Just make sure that the product you are using is compatible with the flooring. You can always consult the user manual of your flooring to get more information.

Can I Use A Steam Mop On Engineered Wood?

When caring for engineered flooring using a steam mop is not an option. Steam cleaners use hot water that may cause wooden planked wrap and distort. In addition, water can get under the planks and damage flooring as well as subflooring and construction. Instead, sweep and mop the surface frequently and use only approved cleaning products to make the flooring serve for a longer time.

Does Engineered Flooring Need To Be Sealed?

Because most engineered planks come prefinished in the factory, they don’t need sealing and finishing at the site. But if you want to add an extra protection layer to your flooring you can add sealing to the flooring. Sealing will keep it from leaks and spills for a long time. Before applying the sealing always check will your flooring manufacturer to see what is the best sealing type for the surface.

Engineered wood flooring comes in a range of colours, patterns, finishes and styles. The versatility of this flooring option means that whether you like a traditional appearance or prefer a modern look you can find the flooring you want. Besides, engineered flooring is also elegant, durable, easy to install and maintain and can be installed over underfloor heating.

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