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Everything you need to know about Vinyl Flooring

Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl Flooring

One of the most effective elements of interior decoration is the floor covering. This element not only doubles the beauty and charm of the living space but also protects the floor. Floors are produced in various types and are available to customers. Each of them has unique advantages and disadvantages depending on materials and is selected according to budget and interior design style. In this article, we will introduce PVC flooring. This floor covering, also known as vinyl, is the most widespread and popular floor covering for today’s homes because it has a long life span and is easy to maintain due to its durability and high strength.

Vinyl Flooring

A plastic called Poly Vinyl Chloride is used for the production of Vinyl floor coverings. This material is characterized by high strength and flexibility. What is used in the composition of PVC floor coverings are PVC compact materials, fibers, and other layers. The top layer of this floor covering is UV-resistant and does not fade in the sun. The second layer is the top layer, which increases the strength of the floor. The third layer is the design layer and the next layer, the so-called main layer, is made of PVC material. The bottom layer, called the last layer, sticks under the floor and prevents deviations in the floor. Vinyl floor covering has different designs and colors.

Advantages of Vinyl flooring

PVC flooring can be easily repaired so that in case of damage the desired tile can be removed and replaced by another tile.

This floor covering is a type of sound and heat insulation that can be used on most construction sites.
It is easier to lay than other floors.

The waterproof nature of this type of flooring has made it suitable for use in wet rooms.

Vinyl floor coverings are produced in various designs, and depending on the desired interior decoration, the flooring can be selected based on wood and stone decors.

Its price is lower in comparison with laminate and parquet floors.

Other properties of PVC floor coverings are durability and longevity.

Cleaning and tidying this type of flooring is very easy and convenient and they stay clean for a long time. Simply use T and water for cleaning.

This floor covering has a very high UV resistance, making it a good choice for outdoor use. Because despite the influence of sunlight, its color does not change.

Other advantages of PVC flooring are its fire-retardant and non-slip properties.

Vinyl Flooring

Disadvantages of Vinyl flooring

As chemicals are used in the production of PVC flooring, they can cause problems such as breathing difficulties and eye irritation. It is not recommended if you are an environmentalist. This is because such floors are not biodegradable and are rarely recycled. As mentioned above, they are very durable and strong, but if they are damaged, they are very difficult to repair. They also discolor in the long run when worn with plastic materials.

Buy Vinyl flooring

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Vinyl flooring. Paying attention to where you are going to use this flooring is one of the most important and crucial points. This floor covering has high strength and durability, so it can be used in most places. For example, a Vinly flooring can be used in all parts of the house and even in places with heavy traffic. Although they are resistant to sunlight due to their UV protection layer, their use in places where the sun constantly shines on the floor can change their color in the long run.

Installation of Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is installed in different ways. The installation methods of Vinyl flooring include rhombus, brick, tile, brick, etc. Each of these installation methods has a specific purpose. For example, the installation method with rhombus is used to represent a larger space. The use of the brick installation method offers more protection for the angels of the floor. This installation method is also used in places with more traffic. With the brick installation method, a PVC tiled floor is usually used. Although the installation methods are different, they are carried out in the same steps. For the installation of vinyl flooring, four steps are used: substructure, cleaning, floor installation, and cornice.

Vinyl flooring price

The price of Vinyl flooring depends on different factors. Undoubtedly, one of the influential factors in this field is the product brand. Of course, the higher the quality of the flooring, the higher the price. Today, due to the high number of manufacturers, comparing the quality and price of this product can help you buy it.

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