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All You Need To Know About Parquet Flooring

All You Need To Know About Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring has always been an option for household since its advent. In 1960s, it was the most populr type of flooring among many people. However, with the advent of brand new flooring options, the demands for parquet flooring have decreased. Nevertheless, owning to new advances in technology, Parquet flooring has shown sign of comeback. In this article you will learn about installation, maintenance pros and coons of Parquet flooring. You can also order your favorite type of Parquet flooring in our website by tapping on this link. 

What is Parquet Flooring? 

“parquetry” is a french word meaning “small compartment”, and the word “Parquet” comes from this term. In 17th century, wealthy only wealthy people could afford using Parquet flooring becasue of the skill and time required Parquet flooring was really expensive. Some of the Parquet flooring of those days are now considered as a work of art.

Parquet Flooring Installation Tips:

 Whether you choose to install the compartments yourself or ask a professional to do it for you is completely up to you. Either ways you need to be careful about the fact that manufacturuer specifications vary. What works best is scrutinizing throughout the manual instructions enclosed in the carton of Parquet flooring. 


Preparation for installing:

A sustainable and stable substrate such as a sturdy subfloor is considered the best for installing Parquet flooring. You need to check if the substrate is dry or not because it has to be dry and level. 

Be mindful of acclimation:

Parquet is indeed from wood, so it needs to acclimate to the room. You do not want to see growing gaps between the strips afterward. All you need to do is simply putting cartoons in the room for two weeks. During this time, the wood strips may move impreceptibly as they adjust to the tempreture and humidity. 

Be careful about the layout:

As you know, not all the rooms are perfectly square, so you will need to be careful when creating a layout. There are detailed instructions along with the tiles on how to develop a floor layout. Make sure that you are following these instructions. 

Cut with a jigsaw, not a circular saw:

 Parquet often comes with small wires embedded in the wood strips, these wires can get tangled in the spinning blade of a circular saw, creating a hazard, ruining the tile, and potentially damaging the saw. Therefore, it would be more practical to use a jigsaw instead of a circular one. 

Use the recommended materials and tools:

The recommended materials are meant to give you the best result, so do not simply go with what is at hand and accessible. The manufacturer often recommend a trowel with specific size notches. 

Parquet Flooring Maintenance:

  • To remove dust, it is better to use a dry mop, also to wipe out wet spills it is more ideal to absorbent paper towels or a damp washcloth. 
  • Always use a cleansing product which is designed for wood floors. Use it once a month to maintain a bright and brilliant look. 
  • Avoid using a steam mop because the moisture and heat can damage the finish and even cause swelling. 
  • Do not apply the floor wax or polishing products that are suitable for vinyl or ceramic tile, they might damage the finish. 
  • Cover the high traffic areas with a rug and to prevent scratches from furniture, use stick-on silicone or felt protectors. 

Parquet Pros and cons


  • The wide range of its variants always leaves you with numerous choices
  • The attractive look of a real wood
  • Easy to install compared with other types of flooring 


  • Because of moisture issues it should not be installed below grade (in basements)
  • Challening to refinish 
  • Not suitable for those areaa with a high level of humidity, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms
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